Senior Satisfaction Survey

Senior Satisfaction Survey

Since its creation, Medicare Part D has been a wildly successful and popular program. How do we know? We’ve been keeping track.

Each year, we conduct a Senior Satisfaction Survey to gauge plan usability and contentment among beneficiaries. Year in and year out, seniors have agreed that not only are they satisfied with Part D, but they are pleased with the cost of their plan and the coverage it provides.

2018 Survey Results

More than ten years after its initial launch, the Medicare Part D prescription drug program remains overwhelmingly popular with American seniors. Medicare Today’s 2018 Senior Satisfaction Survey of approximately 2,000 seniors conducted by Morning Consult found that nearly 85 percent of seniors are satisfied with their Part D coverage and more than eight of every 10 believe their drug plan is a good value.

2018 Senior Satisfaction Survey

Key findings in the survey include:

  • 81 percent of seniors believe their plan is a good value
  • 91 percent of seniors reported that their plan is convenient to use
  • 84 percent said their plan works well and without hassle
  • 83 percent reported it was important to them to have a variety of plans to compare and choose from

Past Survey Results