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During the summer of 2022, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, enacting harmful price control provisions within the drug supply chain. Drug manufacturers have warned that the IRA would lower the incentive to invest in certain research and development efforts due to the uncertainties of the toll price controls would have on their industry financially. These disruptions will ultimately reduce patients’ access to new cures and treatments.

Medicare Part D beneficiaries living with serious health conditions, rare diseases, or chronic illnesses rely on the program for access to medical breakthrough treatments and medications. The accessibility of these medical advancements is how seniors can better manage their health, ultimately leading to better health outcomes overall. Medicare Today urges Congress to oversee the bill’s implementation and fix the price control provisions that would reduce the number of lifesaving treatments and medicines.

Despite its success, Medicare is constantly at risk of being undermined by harmful policy changes that would limit access to healthcare for seniors and individuals living with disabilities. We urge you to get involved by signing up to our email list. We will keep you updated on news, events, and potential threats to Medicare.