Part B

Among many other things, Part B covers prescription medications administered in a doctor’s office setting to treat chronic and complicated conditions, including cancer and immune disorders.

Patients with chronic conditions, like cancer, severe arthritis, eye diseases and more, work with their physician to identify the specific treatment or combination of treatments to best address their individual needs. Part B allows flexibility and access to a range of treatment options, enabling physicians to tailor treatments specifically for their patients.

Part B’s reimbursement structure has assisted the program in successfully controlling costs, with Part B medication prices remaining stable year over year. In 2019, prices for 36 of the top 50 Part B drugs changed by 2 percent or less and 28 of the top 50 drugs decreased in price.

Altering this program’s reimbursement structure would impede doctors’ ability to provide care to Medicare patients. This could not only restrict patient access to specific medications their doctor recommends, but it could also disrupt a patient’s currently effective treatment plan.