About Us

The Medicare Today Initiative:


The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of chief executives from all disciplines within the healthcare system, launched Medicare Today in November 2004 to reach out to Medicare beneficiaries who needed reliable information on how to get the greatest value from the new Medicare benefits provided by the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) of 2003. The Healthcare Leadership Council administers the partnership of over 400 national and local organization including National Association of Family Physicians and National Alliance for Hispanic Health. Medicare Today develops innovative tools for use by all partners, commissions research studies, and undertakes earned media efforts and outreach to inform beneficiaries about the value of the new benefits under the MMA. Medicare Today will continue beyond the initial enrollment period to provide continued assistance to beneficiaries and respond to media inquires and opportunities.


  • Educate and inform Medicare beneficiaries, the media and the public at large about the new benefits provided through the MMA, including the preventive and prescription drug benefits.
  • Bring together partners representing consumers, patient advocates, providers, employers, and others with interest in helping beneficiaries maximize their coverage, to utilize their respective grassroots and communications resources to achieve this shared objective.
  • Reach seniors nationwide in personal, meaningful ways through individual or small group contacts in their own communities.
  • Disseminate information via trusted local media, organizations, agencies and health influencers (physicians, pharmacists, nurses, hospitals, etc).
  • Develop carefully-designed materials and tools that are easy to use and understand to tell beneficiaries exactly what they will gain from the new MMA features.

November 2004.

Recruited and activated 400+ national and local partners.

Fielded more than 3,000 calls through its toll free number.

Field staff
Placed 80 people in 50 states to help educate and enroll beneficiaries.

Trained 175,000 people at 500 local events to assist and enroll beneficiaries in the Medicare drug benefit.

Conducted more than 3,500 education and enrollment events (500 with Members of Congress).

Educated 5.8 million beneficiaries about the Medicare drug benefit.

Enrolled 500,000+ beneficiaries at events or by phone.

Collected more than 800 testimonials from beneficiaries and providers.

National/Local Media
Conducted media outreach resulting in more than 600 million impressions.

PSA Media
Launched broadcast PSA with actress Rita Moreno and Mary Grealy in English and Spanish that produced 365 million impressions. Launched a broadcast PSA as part of Medicare Today's "Get Enrolled" week campaign.

Studies and Surveys
Commissioned five studies — one to explore strategies to encourage beneficiary enrollment in Medicare Part D and four to demonstrate projected and actual savings/costs to beneficiaries under Part D. Conducted two four polls examining beneficiary attitudes about the Medicare drug benefit.

You can also visit www.medicare.gov on the web or call 1-800 MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for more information.