October 13, 2014

Medicare Today Launches “Seniors Speak Out” Online Resource Hub, Providing Tools for Healthcare Decision-Making

Visit for Information on Medicare Part D

To help ensure that seniors, caregivers and advocates get reliable information and engage with one another on issues and best practices critical to older Americans, Medicare Today, an initiative of the Healthcare Leadership Council, has launched the “Seniors Speak Out” interactive website.

We understand that navigating and evaluating the health care landscape can be a challenge, which is why we’re making this online resource hub available ahead of the October 15th start of Medicare Part D Open Enrollment.

The new website will have tools to help seniors successfully evaluate Part D coverage options and enroll in the plan that best suits their needs, in addition to other health care and lifestyle tips and resources. The website also hosts advocacy tools to empower beneficiaries to make their voice heard to policy makers.

Medicare Resources and State Specific Information
The Medicare section of the site features facts and tips to assist beneficiaries with the open enrollment process, provides resources for seniors and caregivers, and details state-specific information on plans. Specifically, resources include:

Healthy Living Insights
Seniors can visit the Healthy Living section for tips and highlights on aging and preventative care.

Part D Advocacy Tools
We also encourage visitors to proactively protect Medicare Part D by reaching out to members of Congress and engaging the @SeniorsSpeakOut Twitter handle to join the online conversation. Current advocacy tools include:

Latest News
The recent news section is a one-stop-shop of what you need to know about senior health and Medicare.

The blog will not only share best practices, videos and other helpful materials, it will also feature Medicare beneficiary and senior advocate Nona Bear, who will share her experience and expertise surrounding Medicare and encourages you to do the same.

The website is intended to serve as an interactive online community to assist and connect seniors, so please share your experiences, give advice and let us know what additional features would be helpful to you.