March 10, 2014

Proposed New Regulations Affecting Medicare Part D, Medicare Advantage Raise Concerns for Beneficiaries

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued proposed regulations that would bring about significant changes to Medicare Advantage and to the Medicare Part D prescription drug program.  Organizations representing patients and healthcare providers are raising serious concerns about the proposed rules and how they will affect programs that have been extremely effective in strengthening patient health and containing taxpayer and beneficiary costs.These groups recommend strongly that the proposed regulations be rescinded and that they are prepared to work with CMS to develop more productive approaches that build on the strengths of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D without harming beneficiaries.

The Healthcare Leadership Council developed a group sign-on letter with 371 signatories asking CMS to withdraw the Part C-D Proposed Rule. The letter underscores that the rule would adversely affect healthcare costs and access for beneficiaries and undermine the stability of the Part D program. The letter can be found here. (The letter is featured in a February 26 advertisement in Politico, seen here.)

Concerned organizations are also communicating with Congress to make lawmakers aware of the ramifications of the proposed rule. A Facebook page, called Seniors Speak Out, has been established that will enable Medicare beneficiaries to communicate with their Senators and Representatives on the issue. The page can be found here.

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